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10 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas Worth Trying

If you’re looking for lucrative side hustle ideas, there are a lot more out there than you might think. These ways to add a bit more money to your income will range from the kind you can do at home, to those you have to travel for, often to someone’s house.

No matter what your situation is, you should be able to find something in this list of side hustle ideas that work well for you.

High Paying Side Hustle Ideas

1-Answer Questions

One of the first side hustle ideas that work well if you want to work at home and you like writing is answering questions on JustAnswer. There are generally two different kinds of side hustles within this category.

The first is a site like JustAnswer, where you get paid a flat amount based on a percentage of the cost of the answer. It starts at 20% and can go as high as 50%.

Other short task sites of this kind may pay more a percentage of revenue based on how much attention you get.

If you love writing about a particular topic and have the credentials and experience to prove it, this can be an excellent option to try on your list of lucrative side hustle ideas.

2-Sell Your Services on Fiverr

The concept behind Fiverr is that you charge $5 for just about anything. You can sing someone a song, write them a poem, do some research for them, draw them a picture, or just about anything else you can imagine.

People make a living on the site photoshopping pictures of celebrities. You set your rates and have a lot of control over precisely what everything costs.

3-Perform Micro Jobs on Mechanical Turk

If you love taking surveys are doing quick little tasks online like for research, Mechanical Turk could be the perfect option on the lucrative side hustle ideas list for you.

You have to sign up through an Amazon account, so keep this in mind. The jobs on the site are called HITs, and after you apply and get accepted, you’ll have access to a number of them.

The key is to maintain a reasonable rate of acceptance on Mechanical Turk so that you get access to better and better jobs!

4-Create an Online Course for Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas

If you’re interested in something like how to sell furniture, you can create a course about it. You can write this course about anything, however.

It doesn’t have to be just furniture. Above all, you should have interest and expertise. It’s essential to be knowledgeable.

5-Create an Audiobook

On the other hand, if you love using your voice to entertain and inform people, creating an audiobook can be a good idea. You can create one using free tools online.

Then, you can list the audiobook for sale on sites like Amazon, for example. Make sure to do your research first, however. Not every idea is going to sell well on the Internet. Try to pick and choose.

6-Prepare Meals for Others

Should you like to work with your hands and cook, then food preparation is an option. There are interesting companies out there now, like Bon Appetour.

Use this site to earn money hosting guests and giving them a meal. The site connects you to people who need meals in a particular location.

That is to say, you cook and they pay! It’s a win-win for both parties, in other words.

You can also sell recipes and make videos of how you cook. There are many possibilities for making money on the side this way.

7-Become a Housekeeper

Maybe instead, you like cleaning up. If you’ve become proficient at doing this for whatever reason, there are gigs out there for you. You can use sites like Maids.com or Care.com to find work in this field.

It’s important to remember that you have to pay your expenses for these sites in many cases. Keep that in mind, while you search around for opportunities nearby.

You can also create your team and start your own cleaning business. The advantage here is that it gives you some control over how you work.

8-Create Tutorials on YouTube

People on YouTube love tutorials. It’s one of the most popular video types on the site. However, you must make sure you pick something you love.

It’s certainly a lot more fun than the alternative anyway! Plus, the energy you have for your chosen subject will come across in every minute on video.

You’ll need to buy the equipment yourself, of course. Things you may need include microphones, potentially green screens, and video editing software.

You may need other stuff as well. You can make money through advertising revenue on YouTube after you do well enough.

It’s also possible to make money from sites where supporters pay you, such as Patreon.

9-Detail Cars

Car enthusiasts rejoice, you can now make money doing it for yourself. People are keeping their cars longer these days.

The average vehicle on the road is over 11 years of age. Owning an older car means that it’s more likely people will want to detail their car and take care of it rather than buy a new one.

As a result, it’s getting more lucrative to open up a business. Just make sure that you understand what it will cost to open ahead of time.

You hardly want to end up losing money before you’ve begun.

10-Become a Notary Public

It’s possible to make $13 an hour at this profession on the low end. On the high end, you can make up to $20 an hour.

A notary public “notarizes” documents to make them official. Notaries are licensed by the state to perform notary functions such as verifying signatures.

It’s an essential profession because it can protect citizens against fraud. Some notaries work for other businesses.

Others can work entirely for themselves. If you’re detailed oriented and enjoy working with people, it can be an excellent side job.

You will need a certification first, however.

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