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Best 12 Legit Sites That Pay You To Read Emails!

Did you know that you can get paid to read emails? That’s right, there are many legitimate websites that show you how to make money reading emails.

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You probably check your email daily – taking an interest in some messages and deleting others. If you’re already opening your email inbox, you might as well get paid for your time.

If getting paid to read emails sounds like something you want to try, this post will list trusted sites to get you started. 

Why Do Websites Pay You to Read Emails?

If you’re a beginner to email reading jobs, you may ask yourself how or why they do this. 

Fair question, let me explain.

Businesses require their products and services to reach more people so they can increase profit. To make this possible, they use ad promotions and marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a proven method for boosting traffic and conversion rates. Get paid to (GPT) sites work with advertisers ready to produce paid emails for users to read.

Advertisers want people to see email ads, watch video ads, try new apps, etc. So they pay the reward websites for every email ad you see, video ads you watch, apps you try, etc. 

These websites pay you a portion of the advertiser revenue to convince you to participate in the activities. You just have to open the promotional email and click the link given to acknowledge the receipt.

The idea is that there’s a chance you might tell your friends about the business or make a purchase from them. You’re not obligated to perform actions after clicking the link to get paid.

You can still make money just for opening and reading the email. This way, businesses grow their brands, websites make money, and you also put some money in your pockets – everybody wins!

How Much Do You Get Paid to Read Email?

Now that you know how it works, how much can you expect to earn?

Honestly? It’s not going to be a lot of money. Never have false hope that reading emails can make you rich.

But anything is better than nothing at all, right?

It doesn’t matter which email service you use; you can easily make 1-5 cents per email with little effort. 

While just reading the emails won’t give you much, completing offers that stem from the emails can fetch you a handsome amount! Almost all sites offer signup and referral bonuses. 

Read books, take surveys, and play online games to boost your earnings. 

Although you won’t make a full-time income, you can make a few extra dollars you didn’t have by investing a small amount of your time. You can channel these funds to utility bills, a movie, dinner date, or even save toward a vacation.

Once you create multiple income streams, you could have a solid income online.

How Can I Earn Money by Reading Emails Without Getting Scammed?

There are several websites promising money in exchange for reading specific emails from advertisers. As with any other business opportunities, some are legit, while a majority are rip-offs. 

You, therefore, need to exercise caution as there is considerable scope for fraud.

Getting paid to read emails is a highly sought-after gig because it’s fun and easy. Scammers know this. 

Some of these sites make unsuspecting people their target. Victims end up giving out personal information or losing money to strangers. 

It’s even worse because some look exactly like the ones in this post. 

You might not know what to look for in a potential scam. That’s why I decided to prepare a comprehensive list of 12 genuine websites that you may refer to earn money by reading emails. 

I use them, so I can confidently recommend them.

Now onto the sites!

Legitimate Sites That Will Pay You to Read Emails

get paid for emails

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the first choice for many people who look to earn cash online; this is because the site offers a ridiculous number of ways to make money online. You can get some cash and gift cards for the everyday things you do online, including reading emails.

Unlike other rewards sites in this list, in Swagbucks, you read the emails on the site’s dashboard. They don’t go to your email inbox.

To earn, sign up for free and look at the top of your homepage. In the inbox section, you will see all the available paid emails. 

Complete whatever action the email says to get points. 

You can then exchange the points for gift cards and PayPal cash. You can cash out as soon as you earn $3. 

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the oldest and most active GPT websites on the internet. The site has been around since 2000 and has so far paid its members over $59 million in cash rewards.

You can earn real cash for reading emails. The paid emails from advertisers go straight to your inbox. The emails can be about companies’ new products, sales, and promotions.

You will get a $5 signup bonus when you open an account. When you complete signing up, you should receive at least a few paid emails daily. To keep them from ending up in your spam folder, tick the emails from InboxDollars as safe.

To confirm that you’ve read the email, click the provided link. You will get a few cents for every email you open. Complete offers for additional earning opportunities. 

You need a minimum of $30 to cash out, but you’ll be upgraded to a gold membership after your first cash out. There is an option of donating to a charity of your choice.

There are tons of other ways you can reap the rewards: completing short surveys, searching the web, referring friends, playing online games, and more.

It also pays to be a regular user. Get bonus cash when you complete bonus tasks. 

The age restriction is 18 years. 

3. FusionCash

FusionCash is an excellent site to get some pocket money. This free membership earning portal has been around since 2005 and poses absolutely no scam risk. 

In addition to the usual playing games and taking surveys, you get paid to read emails, complete tasks, watch sponsored videos, try apps, and refer friends. 

You will receive daily cash emails in your inbox that you can go through and check out offers. You don’t have to buy anything. 

Remember to inform your email server that emails from FusionCash are safe, or they will go straight to your spam folder.

Take advantage of the $5 signup bonus to kick start your earnings. With their referral bonus system, you will get an additional bonus when your friend confirms their address. 

The minimum payout is $25 and can come in the form of direct deposit, check, or PayPal. Payment is processed every 20th of the month, and you won’t get charged any processing fee. 

You must be at least 13 years old to be eligible for this site membership. 

4. UniqueRewards 

UniqueRewards is a great platform to get paid for reading emails, earn money by watching ads, watching videos, playing free games, shopping online, and website visits if you want to make a quick buck without investing a single cent. 

The PTR site has been around since 2003, making it one of the oldest GPT sites in this list. 

You will only receive emails with special offers that match your interests. When you read advertising emails from sponsors, you’ll get $0.01. Members receive their online rewards only in cash.

Creating an account gives you a $5 signup bonus. You’ll get a dollar for every person you refer who completes their first cash offer, and $5 when they reach the $20 payout. 

Easily share your referral link via F-share function.

The site pays every Monday, and you can cash out via check or PayPal. 

5. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is another site that can put real money in your pockets. The crowdsourcing marketplace makes it easier for businesses and individuals to connect virtually.

While technology continues to be advanced, there are still a ton of stuff that people can do much more effectively than computers. 

Different businesses use Mturk to outsource jobs like conducting research, survey participation, and simple data validation to a distributed workforce.

Mturk is very easy to use for beginners. Once you complete the signup process, you can start to make money immediately.

Amazon Mturk is associated with many trusted brands in tech, retail, and market research; this means fantastic offers and earning opportunities. 

6. MyPoints

Like other money-making websites, MyPoints offers money to users who like to shop online, watch ads, and complete polls and surveys. 

Over time, this generous rewards site has expanded to include paid coupons, referrals, and paid emails. The goal of MyPoints is to steer people like you toward advertisers’ offers using paid emails.

Here’s how it works. You will receive emails to your inbox occasionally from the site’s partners. Simply read the email or shop with retailers advertised to earn 5-30 points. 

You get paid anytime you read a BonusMail, so ensure you take advantage of BonusMails opportunities. You don’t necessarily have to act on an offer to get paid. 

The minimum cash out is $3. Join now and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.

7. Cash4Offers

Cash4Offers gives several ways you can get rewarded for online activity. Among the ways is getting paid for reading emails. To get your credits, simply click on the confirmation message inside of your email. 

Cash4Offers accepts users all around the world and adheres to strict guidelines of reading emails and getting paid. You get an easy $5 signup bonus deposited to your account when you register.

You can boost your balance by taking paid surveys, playing games online, and referring friends. The minimum payout is $35, but there’s a small catch. For you to cash out, at least $25 of that amount should come from surveys. 

After your first payment, your account is changed to a Gold Member. One of the perks is that instead of weeks, you can receive a payment within 72 hours. Payment is via PayPal.

8. InboxPays

InboxPays is a sister site to InboxDollars. It’s one of the most convenient websites to get paid for emails as well as completing offers, referring friends, and spinning to win a jackpot. You get $5 just to sign up!

You will receive about three emails every day from the exclusive PTR site. Some of the emails you’ll get are for free offers.

Sometimes, you will come across emails for trial or paid offers. You can earn up to 5 cents per email when you click on the link or image inside of the email. 

Follow the link and complete each offer to make up to $50. By referring your friends, you get a referral commission of 10 percent.

You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account and verify your phone number to receive payments.

The minimum payout is $25 paid via a US-verified PayPal account.  

9. Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards is another InboxDollars sibling. The free to join online portal has partnered with some of the most trusted brands in technology, retail, and market research to offer you exciting earning opportunities. 

In Daily Rewards, you get paid to read ads, play games, shop online, and take surveys. 

And, it pays you to read emails! Just click the confirmation link within the email to earn real cash. Your account will be credited immediately, and you will be redirected to the advertiser’s website.

You’ll know how much to expect if you complete the offer on the landing page by clicking. 

Complete your profile to help the site better match you with paid emails, surveys, and focus groups that interest you. 

You’ll receive a $5 signup bonus. 

10. Points2Shop

Points2Shop is another rewards site with plenty of fun ways to make money like referring friends to the site, playing online games, taking surveys, and checking emails. 

After reading emails, you get points that you can use to buy Amazon products. There are tons of exciting rewards, so if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you should definitely give it a try!

Download the mobile apps to get paid to read emails on the go. Maximize your income by taking advantage of some of the other opportunities.

The tutorial video on the site will help you get started.

11. UniqPaid

UniqPaid is another worldwide site similar to Cash4Offers. The site is 100 percent free and runs on advertised offers that pay you when you complete them. 

You can earn money by reading emails, visiting websites, referring friends and advertisers, completing surveys, and more. 

UniqPaid sends out emails inviting members to complete offers or take surveys. You’ll receive payment when you complete the assigned task. 

Completing cash offers within your first two days of joining gets you a 10 percent bonus on them!

For each user who registers using your referral link, you get $2 added to your account.

The modes of payment are PayPal, check, and Bitcoin. 

You can withdraw as little as $0.5 to your PayPal account. No more worrying about the minimum payout limit. 

12. Donkey Mails 

Donkey Mails is one of the lesser-known sites in this list, but it also offers you a way to make money from your couch by reading emails. The site has an old school look, but they pay well. 

The concept of Donkey Mails is simple, which lets you make money when you open and click on links in emails. One thousand clicks can give you $0.5, but referrals earn you more money. 

Payouts are made every two weeks, and there is no minimum payout! Forms of payment include PayPal and Payeer. 

Use Gmail to open a free Donkey Mails account. Why Gmail? Because other email providers tend to ignore emails from the site. 

Since the emails have a maximum engagement rate and expiration date, respond in good time; this will also improve your active status, and Donkey Mails loves that. 

Final Thoughts on How to Get Paid to Read Email

Getting paid to read ads and emails may not be the most profitable way to make money online, but it only takes a few seconds to do. Just create an account, follow provided instructions, and smile all the way to the bank!

I hope you have found 2 or 3 sites that you are going to use to make money. Sign up for your paid emails with a separate email account from one of the free email services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Outlook).

DON’T use your primary email address to sign up for these programs.

Remember to cash out when you reach the minimum threshold, as some sites have expiry dates for their points. 

Never pay anything to get paid to read emails. The idea of paid email sites is to make money. If you stick to the sites I discussed, I can assure you that you will be fine.

What paid email sites do you use? How was your experience?

Let us know in the comments below!

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