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How To Make Money From Pinterest In 2021

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make money from Pinterest. In fact, these are some of the techniques that I use to make hundreds of dollars every month from Pinterest. Let’s get started!

making money on pinterest

Can You Make Money On Pinterest?

Believe it or not, you can earn a substantial income by doing something you love. Here are some examples of people who are crushing it on Pinterest.

McKinzie went from $0 to over $1,000 in six months by pinning on Pinterest without a blog. Alex and Lauren have hit the big time, they now make over $20,000 per month by driving traffic to their blog with Pinterest.

Here’s an exact quote from McKinzie:

Whether you are a blogger or a stay at home mom that just wants to make money from home you can profit from pinning. These strategies will show you my exact system for scaling my affiliate income from $0 to over $1,000 per month in six months using Pinterest.

So can you make money on Pinterest? The answer is YES.

Before we dive into the details, let’s have a quick look at some vital Pinterest stats. 

Pinterest Statistics

  • Pinterest boasts over 335 million monthly active users.
  • There are over 200 billion pins and 4 billion boards saved on the platform.
  • Forty-three percent of Internet users in the United States have a Pinterest account.
  • Eighty-five percent of Pinners are on mobile.
  • Eighty percent of Pinterest users are female, most aged 25-34 years.
  • Forty percent of new Pinterest signups are male.
  • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.
  • There are over 2 billion text-based and guided monthly searches on Pinterest.
  • Ninety-three percent of users plan to make purchases through the platform.

Now I have your attention. The above statistics show that with commitment and the right ideas, you can make money from Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a great place to start a side hustle while studying in school or having a day job. 

An extra couple hundred bucks can help make settling monthly bills easier, paying off debts faster, and saving money for a holiday possible. With time and enough effort, you can turn it into a full-time business!

If you haven’t tried this out yet or have been thinking about doing it, you will love this post.

How I Make Money From Pinterest

Like many people, I use Pinterest for hair and makeup tips, home décor ideas, minimalist living, and travel tips. But if you told me a few years ago that I would be making a decent income from Pinterest, I would never have believed you.

I was just starting to use Pinterest, and I didn’t understand how it worked. I included affiliate links for products I love in my blog posts and I waited, waited, and waited for the commissions but…crickets.

Time has flown, and now I reach over close to two million people on Pinterest every month and I make over $700 per month working only two or three hours a week.

How I make money from Pinterest

I spent a considerable amount of time learning about the algorithm and the working of Pinterest, and I don’t want you to waste as much time as I did trying to figure it out.

I’ve learned a lot about making money on Pinterest and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. That’s why I made this guide to give you the inside scoop and make your journey easier and more fun. 

I’m going to let you in on how I’ve been crushing it with Pinterest marketing. I make money from the traffic that Pinterest drives to my blog but I also have pins that make me money by driving traffic to my affiliates instead of my blog. So you see, it is possible to make money with or without a blog.

I have confidence that after going through this post, you’ll walk away knowing how to make this reality possible. All of the methods work, but as you’ll see, some are more time-intensive than others.

Now let’s get to the details of how to earn money from Pinterest!

How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite methods to earn money online. It may sound like a new and trendy way of making extra cash, but affiliate marketing has been around long before Amazon and Google. 

If the term is new to you, affiliate marketing refers to a business model where you can earn a commission for promoting a company’s products.

In Pinterest affiliate marketing, you recommend affiliate products for your followers to buy in exchange for a commission; this won’t cost you or your followers anything. They get the products they want, and you get paid. It’s a win-win situation. 

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you receive a unique link to a company’s product, service, or course. When a user clicks an affiliate link, they go to the merchant, and you get a commission for every lead or sale (conversion). 

The more leads or sales you achieve, the more commission you will get. 

Link To A Product

You can make money on Pinterest by linking to a product on Pinterest and you don’t need a blog.

All you have to do is upload an image and link it to a product using your affiliate link, and if someone buys it with your link, you get paid!

Of course, there are a lot of things that you can do to increase your chances of making a sale, and you have to make sure you follow the rules for using affiliate links on Pinterest.

To give you the best chances to succeed I recommend investing in a course in affiliate marketing for Pinterest. An inexpensive option that I recommend is Pins To Profits by McKinzie Bean.

She teaches you how to make affiliate sales directly on Pinterest in 5 modules. McKinzie shares her exact strategies so you can do it too.

How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog

If you’re interested in making extra money online, you need a blog. There are several ways to get paid to blog.

While it’s true, you can still make some money on Pinterest without a website; you have more options with a blog.

Link To A Blog Post That Contains An Affiliate Link

Creating a blog takes longer, but it can be more effective.

That’s because having a blog allows your readers to get to know you, and establish trust with them, thus making them more willing to purchase from you.

Remember, some affiliate programs are for expensive products and some affiliate programs require you to have a blog in order to work with them.

People won’t spend a lot of money on a product without first learning all they can about the product or service!

A blog post is the best way to give them plenty of information before making a large purchase.

I make more affiliate sales from my blog posts than I do from pins that lead to products.

So if you want to start your own blog, check out this FREE guide to setting up a blog in WordPress, it will guide you step by step to setting up your blog.

Maybe you already have a blog, but you’re unsure about how to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn everything that you need to know to start generating income with your blog, then you should consider investing in the Affiliate Marketing Roadmap or the free Affiliate marketing course.

The creator, Tracie Fobes from Penny Pinchin Mom, makes five figures per month from affiliate marketing and she shares all of her knowledge in her course.

Tracie covers everything from the basics to advanced strategies to increase sales.

The Affiliate Marketing Roadmap course is a simple, no-nonsense guide to using affiliate marketing to generate passive income. It is perfect for both beginners and seasoned bloggers.

It is a course that I took and that I recommend for affiliate marketing with a blog.

I credit it as the reason I finally started making affiliate sales with Amazon. A lot of bloggers get kicked out of the Amazon program because they don’t make a sale in the specified time period, but Tracie’s course is the reason that I continue to make sales on Amazon every month!

How To Make Money On Pinterest With AdSense

If you’re a blogger, you’re probably familiar with ad networks that will display ads on your website. 

Thanks to Pinterest, you can now drive more and more traffic to your blog. 

Several services are willing to place ads on your website. 

Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks to monetize your blog. There’s no minimum requirement for page views.

To begin, sign up for a Google AdSense account, enter your email address and website information. 

Before applying, ensure that you have plenty of content. Google loves active and valuable sites. 

Google displays ads related to your content on your space. Every time a user clicks on them, you get paid. 

You can earn a good income ($7-$10 per 1000 page views) with display advertising.  

If your blog receives 10k monthly page views, you can earn an easy $70-$100 every month. 

If you have affiliate posts that are performing well, you can use Pinterest to drive even more traffic. Create Pinterest graphics that will attract people to click through and read your post.

Over time you’ll want to consider other display ad options out there like Mediavine.

Pinterest Money Making Ideas

how to earn through pinterest

Sell Your Products 

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff. You can start selling your own products. Pinterest has several helpful tools for business.

Etsy used to be a hit for affiliate links on Pinterest until they prohibited affiliate links on some social sharing sites, including Pinterest.

But you can start selling on Etsy and promote it more on Pinterest.

Etsy and Pinterest both thrive on fashion and beauty niches. Pinterest is huge for home décor, fashion, and beauty ideas. Etsy is a platform for buying and selling handmade goods.

Sign up for an Etsy account, name your shop, add products, and set up your preferred payment method/s. 

When you finish setting up your Etsy store, post high-quality pictures of your products to Pinterest boards.

Interested Pinterest users will click on your images and potentially turn to paying customers. 

It’s not just physical products. You can sell services (online coaching, consulting) or digital products (printables, eBooks, eCourses). 

If the item you’re promoting is not a physical product, try using magicmockups.com to create a mockup instead. 

Just make pins that lead to the sales page of your products or services.

Learn New Money-Making Ideas By Following Pinterest Boards

Every day is a learning day. 

But mastering the art of making money online can seem like a black box of bad ideas, especially if you follow the wrong advice.

Thanks to Pinterest Boards, you can learn lots of original ideas on how to make money quickly and legitimately.

Just search for a topic of your choice, click on a relevant pin, and you’ll go to the webpage.

Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

While affiliate marketing is great, it’s not for everyone. Another great way to make money on Pinterest is to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. 

Never underestimate the power of knowledge. People are willing to dig deep into their pockets to be taught by experts in any field, including Pinterest. There is a rising demand for Pinterest VAs.

The best part of being a VA is that you don’t need a website to start; an impressive Pinterest account with a huge followers base is a good start. 

As a VA, your potential clients need to know that you know your stuff. You should know stuff like how to rank a pin in the first position on a competitive keyword.

If hunting around for affiliate programs for Pinterest is not your thing, help companies, social media influencers, and bloggers do routine tasks. 

You can help them create SEO-optimized accounts, schedule pins, analyze pin performance, manage profiles, or perform influencer outreach. 

As most VAs do, you’ll perform your job from the comfort of your home. 

So how much can you earn?

As a beginner, expect to earn around $15-$20 per hour. As you progress, you can earn up to $100 per hour. 

Create “Shop the Look” Pins

Are you stylish? Do you want to share your style for a couple of dollars? 

Shop the Look pins are getting more and more popular on Pinterest. 

As a pinner, you can make money just by promoting products you are using or wearing. 

Shop the Look Pins feature white dots that highlight different parts of the look. You will earn a commission when someone clicks on the dots and completes a purchase. 

To be able to create Shop the Look pins, your account needs to be a business account.

Step By Step Guide: How To Pin On Pinterest For Money

Maybe you’re all new to this, or perhaps you already use Pinterest and have a website, but you do not see results. 

I used to be in the same situation years back – signing up for an account and pinning multiple photos from my blog to Pinterest, hoping that one of my pins would immediately go viral. Like most folks, my first Pinterest experience was not a success.

But I learned how to use Pinterest during my blogging journey. 

I’m going to share with you what I learned about how to use Pinterest to make money in 9 easy steps. 

1. Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

Before you even think of making money from Pinterest, you first need to create a foundation to work. I’m talking about setting up a professional-looking business account that followers can trust.

It’s free and pretty simple to set up a business account on Pinterest. 

Do NOT use the option “Sign up with Google or Facebook.” 

I recommend you complete all the steps manually. 

Alternatively, upgrade your existing personal account to use business features.

Besides helping your account look professional, a Business account gives you access to Pinterest analytics. Here you will receive critical data like the number of people seeing your pins and which pins are doing well.

People have a short memory. Studies show that we remember 65 percent of visual content up to 3 days later. Users are more likely to remember you if you set up an impressive profile. 

Start by adding a high-quality logo or picture of yourself to your account. Fiverr is a great place to find logo designers for cheap. 

Next, write a bio, so your followers know what to expect by following you. The bio should include a detailed description explaining who you are, what you do, and what your account entails. 

2. Create Pinterest Boards

can you make money on pinterest

The image above is from my Pinterest board for work at home jobs.

The second step will include creating different boards related to what you will be pinning. Create boards for everything your niche loves and wants to learn. 

Do NOT save your pins to generic, all niche boards. For instance, I blog about debt payoff advice, making money online, saving money, and investment ideas. My Pinterest boards reflect these topics.

To create a board, go to your Pinterest profile and click the + button. You’ll see an option to “create a board.” Click it and name your board. 

You can choose to mark your board secret until you have a significant number of pins.

I recommend planning out 8-10 topics related to your niche and then create a board for each one. People will see that you are authentic with diverse interests in your niche. 

Nothing on the platform is hidden. Don’t shy away from looking around and gathering inspiration. 

NEVER delete any of your boards. Instead of deleting, set them to Private.

3. Create Pins

Next, you need to create pins that attract the reader to open the link. Head over to Canva (free graphic design site – yaaay!) to create an awesome pinnable image.

Click “Pinterest Pin” so the dimensions will be good for Pinterest.

how to earn from pinterest

Here’s an example of how to design an image:

how to get paid on pinterest

Download the image by clicking the “Download” button in the top right and save it to your computer.

how do you make money on pinterest

Next, go to your Pinterest account and click the drop down arrow by the word “Create” and then click “Create Pin.”

pinterest earn money

The above screen will appear and you simply fill in everything that it asks for and hit “Publish”. That’s it, you’ve created your first pin!


Canva is probably the most used software used to create Pinterest pins. The reason? You can sign up for free, and they have Pinterest templates to get you started. 

I use Canva to design pins for my account. The free version has everything you need to customize and make quality images. For each affiliate offer, create multiple graphics (at least 5). 

The quality of your photos can make or break your pin’s success. If you want to create your own winning images from scratch, use high-quality stock images from UnsplashPexels, and Pixabay. You can also use the images available in Canva.

Fonts And Colors

Use warm colors such as red and orange. According to Pinterest, pins with warm colors as the dominant colors are twice more likely to be re-pinned as those with cool colors like green and blue.

Use easy to read fonts. Stay away from overused and outdated fonts. You can play with both cursive and script fonts to create clickable pins. 

To help them stand out from the crowd, make your pins long and vertical. They’re more appealing and easier to read. 

Since pins last virtually forever, curate content that is evergreen. Check your pins on a mobile smartphone for clarity and format.


Also, brand your pins; this means creating and being consistent with a particular look.

When you create a new pin, save it to the most relevant, well-keyworded board. When you share a new pin, the Pinterest algorithm determines what the pin is about based on the keywords, image, and the board. 

Signal what the pin is about by making use of the right keywords and posting to relevant boards. 


PicMonkey is another tool you can use to create pins. In terms of features, it has the edge over Canva, but you have to sign up to use a free trial and pay to unlock premium features.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you need help getting started with Pinterest, I recommend the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. This Pinterest course was a game-changer for me, I went from about 1,000 pageviews a month on my blog to 10,000 in less than three months.

4. Use Pinterest Keywords 

While most users view Pinterest as a social media platform, it isn’t. Pinterest works a lot like Google. The platform wants to deliver relevant and fresh content to users.

The more searching-friendly, appropriate, and related words you include, the more you increase the chances of your pins appearing higher in the search results.

It’s vital to optimize your profile with the right keywords. Use SEO in your pins, boards, and posts; this will make it easy for users to find your content. 

Keywords will help you create an audience that’s addicted to your zone of genius. You should know that the Pinterest algorithm works by scanning the images to ensure they are relevant and identifiable.

Power words you can use include: mind-blowing, hacks, secrets, surprising, critical, a simple method to, x proven ways to.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Spend time to find at least three relevant keywords that users would use to search for your service. Focus on one primary keyword phrase that you want to rank for, then add two other related keywords (secondary keywords). 

Try searching your niche in the search box. You’ll see a list of the most searched keywords. Write them down and remember to include them in the description of your next boards and pins.

Another trick is studying and analyzing the top Pinterest accounts of your niche to get the best and most optimal keywords. 

It may take a while for Pinterest to rank pins, so be patient.

5. Schedule Pins

Pinning consistently is the best way to make use of Pinterest. You can start with 20-30 pins per day; this will include a blend of your own and other people’s pins. 

Schedule pins manually by breaking them into chunks. Ten pins in the morning, ten at lunchtime, and another ten in the evening. 

Pinterest is a global platform. If you were to share a new pin according to your time zone, you might miss the peak activity hours of another time zone. That’s where Tailwind comes in.

Tailwind is a great social media scheduling tool you can use to trickle out your affiliate pins. It allows you to set up to 100 pins on autopilot for FREE.

This Pinterest approved scheduler automatically pins at the best times for more reach, website traffic, and engagement. You get the option to shuffle your pins to avoid spamming your followers. 

You can schedule an entire week of pins, meaning you don’t have to worry about being on Pinterest all the time. I recommend you use this tool after building your account to a solid standing. Since you’re going to pay for it, you’ll get more use of it when your account has some authority. 

By joining Tailwind tribes, you can add your pins to particular tribes with related content. You can join five tribes with your free trial. If you want more, you’ll need to upgrade.

6. Scaling Pinterest

After scheduling pins, you’ll want to start broadening your reach. 

Start generating a fan base by following other people who follow your competition. A successful Pinterest affiliate is the one who pins other users’ content.

To help amplify your reach, search for hot group boards you can join. Group boards are places many users can join and post their pins. These should be people in your niche.  

Search “(topic) group board” to find a group board. Group directories such as PINGROUPIE will help you find group boards on Pinterest if you find the manual search time-consuming.

Click to enter a group board of your choice to see the content and the contributors. 

Most boards indicate in their description that they welcome new people to join. But some require you to follow then message for an invite. 

Which leads to the question, who do you send the message? Easy. Click on the list of contributors, and the founder will be the first person listed at the top right. 

Send something like this: Hi x, If you’re still accepting contributors to your group board, I would love to join. I promise to follow all the set rules. Thank you!”

When you join a group board, all of your followers also join the board. They will be able to see pins from other users. 

But look at it this way, people who don’t follow you will also see your posts; this is when the magic happens. Your content will be visible to thousands of new people. 

Start sprinkling in your content in addition to publishing popular pins; this is the fastest way to scale your account.

7. Find Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

As mentioned, Pinterest and affiliate marketing is a great combination. But before you enter affiliate marketing, you must first find a program to join. 

There are two types of affiliate programs for Pinterest: Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) and Pay-Per-Sale (PPS).

You can find a few affiliate programs on this page, depending on your niche. 

Find more affiliate programs by Googling your niche+ “affiliate program” or “referral program.” You could also perform a Google search by typing in a variation of those two keywords.

Joining affiliate networks like FlexOffersClickBankShareASale,  Rakuten, and Impact Radius is the fastest way to get affiliate links for Pinterest affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks are part of a bigger group of individual affiliate programs.

After joining a network, you can apply to affiliate programs within that platform. Some programs will approve you right away, while others can take several days.

Before you enter a program, go through the guidelines carefully. Take note of cookie duration, commission structure for affiliates, and other benefits of joining. 

Be sure to follow all the rules on Pinterest. Here are some best practices for Pinterest affiliate marketing:

8. Recommend Relevant Items

This is the most crucial step. Ensure that pins are relevant to your audience. It’s a bad idea to spam affiliate links to all sorts of products. 

Create graphics and pin them with a relevant blog post that has your affiliate link. You can either design new pins, upload them, and add affiliate links manually or update your existing pins. 

To establish trust with your followers, use affiliate links for items you have used and loved. 

Also, pinning a thousand affiliate links will turn off your followers. Users are on the platform for fun, not to get spammed with offers and links. 

9. Disclose Affiliate Relations

Notice how I disclose that this post may contain affiliate links at the beginning? 

You MUST disclose that you’re an affiliate whenever you promote affiliate products according to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Endorsement Guides

The disclosure is to protect consumers from being misled. When you let your followers know that you are getting paid for the ad, they can decide if they want to buy the product or not.

You can use the following hashtags for affiliate pins at the end of the description: #ad, #sponsored, #afflink, or #affiliatelink.

10. Avoid Using URL Shorteners (link cloaking)

Let’s face it. With their messy and long characters, Pinterest affiliate links are not the most good-looking. 

But it’s against Pinterest Acceptable Use Policy to use short links like Bit.ly, Geni.us, or Pretty Links.

Your followers should know where they are going. Stick to the full URL.

Pinterest Course

I know this is a lot so far, but if you really want to be successful, this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course will set the right foundation for your Pinterest account. 

The course includes 8 modules with over 25 training videos. It will help you generate 1000s of new unique views and make you an expert in your niche in just three short months.

Enroll in the course today.

Final Thoughts On Making Money On Pinterest

Congratulations for reading this far. 

I hope this post makes you view Pinterest in a whole different way. Just to reiterate, Pinterest is no longer a moms-only social network. Whether you want to earn some side income or a full-time living, Pinterest is a great place to start.

Over to you

Now is the best time to start turning your Pinterest profile into a money-making machine! 

You can join affiliate programs for Pinterest, and earn money promoting products, sell your own products, make money as a Pinterest VA or link AdSense to your blog to start living life on your own terms. 

Look at all the options and select one that best suits what you want out of Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

how to make money on pinterest without a blog

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