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How to Retire in Your 30s: Online Investments with Quick Wins

Are you bored of working in an office? Do you want a little more flexibility when it comes to your working life and everything that surrounds it? Of course, we all want to be our own boss.

But, can you imagine making enough money right now to be able to retire in your early 30s? Or, at the very least, be able to quit work and concentrate on other – less restricting – ways to make money.

Obviously, you do. For that reason, here are some of the best and easiest online investments you can make for quick wins. And yes, you will potentially be able to retire in your 30s.  

How to Retire in Your 30s: Online Investments with Quick Wins

Individual Stock Buying

You may not have a lot of money available to invest – maybe even less than $100 spare – but, you can still invest and see a profit. This is especially good if you struggle to save money or are doing so on a tight budget, and still, want to try and start a small portfolio. If you simply invest in one individual stock, the right stock, you could be pleasantly surprised. 

The same process is involved in buying one stock v. one-hundred stocks. Just open a brokerage account, select stocks to buy, and go from there. Over time, your profit from selling that one stock could help you to build a much bigger or more-diverse investment profile.

Of course, investing in individual stocks isn’t easy. It can be difficult to determine whether or not a stock will actually be profitable, especially when it comes to having such a small portfolio.

You want to ensure a return on investment but doing so with little capital can be a lot easier said than done. For that reason, you should have expert advice when it comes to investing in this small scale type of investment. 

Another thing to consider is using a free investment app for beginners. Many apps make it possible for you to invest small amounts of money.

Dividend Stocks 

The usual point of stock buying is to get stocks at a low price, wait for them to grow and then sell them on for a higher price. You only receive your investment back once you have sold on the stock.

But, this is not the case for dividend stocks. Instead, simply for owning stocks in a company, you are awarded a small portion of the company’s earning. Ensuring you are paid as the stock value increases as well as when you eventually sell them on. 

Of course, the usual risk applies. The stocks might end up to be valueless if the company goes bust. But, it does give you some reward along the way if that does happen and you lose out on the investment. 

Short Term Bonds 

A short term bond is a type of fund which matures in a period of one to three years. You pay the initial capital, typically to a company or government, who then pay you the interest on this money in return. The short rate of such a bond is why it’s so attractive, as the interest rate risk is so much lower. 

Of course, there are still risks when it comes to short term bonds. Keep in mind that you will need to check the portfolio carefully so that there are not too many international investments or low-quality bonds which might be dangerous. To avoid this, it’s important to invest in various interests or industries to ensure the risk is minified. 

Invest in a Website 

One of the best investments in the digital age is a website. The fact is that an investment can be anything from money being invested into stocks or business, or simply investing in yourself.

Or, in this case, your own website/potential business. Generating money in this way is long-term and can be potentially very rewarding – so, it’s not an option to be sniffed at! 

Once you are established in your niche space, starting to earn money can come in a variety of forms. Sell a product or service, offer advertising space (earn more depending on how many visitors your site gets each month), and even affiliate marketing tactics. 

If you don’t like having a website, then you can also look to sell it once you’ve built it up a little. Even if you don’t make that much profit from the above tactics, having made any profit may be attractive to potential buyers, and so there will always be a market for buying your website.

You can sell sites on Flippa, We Buy Websites, and other such websites. 

Of course, this is barely a drop in the ocean of ways to make money from a website; so if this is the route you choose to explore there’s plenty of things to capitalize on! 

Something a Little Different 

If you’re thinking about making investments, then it stands that you may have some money saved away to do so. Once you’ve invested some, there will likely still be savings left over, right? So, why not make those savings work for you as well. 

There are plenty of ways you challenge yourself to save money. But, it’s equally important to ensure that these savings are not just gathering dust in your account.

They need to work for you. So, try to get a good savings account with a high-interest rate. Anything with a rate between 2.5% and 5% is great and should be more than enough to earn you a tidy little sum on top of your savings. 

And there you have it! Lots of ways to help get your money to grow online. Of course, you should know that there’s no guaranteed way to earn lots of money fast.

But, if you use your money wisely and choose safe investments, there’s no reason you can’t find a lot of quick wins amongst them. Will you be able to retire in your 30s? That depends on you and your investments, but there’s no reason you couldn’t! 

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How to Retire in Your 30s: Online Investments with Quick Wins

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