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How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money online is not a new topic. Passive income, making money in your sleep. That’s the American dream, right? There are several ways you can make some extra money with your videos, but this post will emphasize how you can combine your YouTube videos and affiliate links to earn a living. YouTube affiliate marketing is the most lucrative revenue stream for the video-sharing site. Keep reading to understand what it does, how to get into it, and how much do YouTubers make per view and if it’s worth your time and effort.

The internet is slowly gravitating towards video and understandably so. More and more people prefer information delivered in video format.

A video is no doubt the most powerful form of advertising and what better place to view videos than YouTube? With over 1.8 billion users every month according to Business Insider, it’s a platform you can’t afford to ignore.

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, hundreds of hours of new video will have been uploaded to YouTube by creators.

How To Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products On YouTube

How To Earn A Living Promoting Affiliate Products On YouTube.

Many companies want to reach consumers out there, and they are ready to pay you for advertising their products. There is one problem though: you are competing against thousands of channels; most of which have the skills and finances to invest in equipment, ads, and service.

Don’t let this discourage you from creating your own channel and making money today. The fact that there are already thousands of YouTubers with established channels filled with hundreds of videos should not scare you.

They all started from somewhere, and you too can do it. It just takes determination and hard work to realize your dreams.

If you already have an active channel with a growing number of subscribers and viewers, good for you. You should now strive to become an authority figure in your niche. You need to have a decent following of at list 5k subscribers to become an affiliate and earn money online.

By the time I was writing this post, YouTube’s top channel PewDiePie has over 70.5 million subscribers. Every time you upload a new video, each of your subscribers receives a notification.

To turn your video views into meaningful income, you need to upload regular videos.

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

How much do YouTubers make per view

Before we jump into how to earn a living with affiliate marketing, it’s essential first to understand what promoting affiliate products on YouTube is all about. It’s a legal performance-based marketing activity.

Affiliate marketing involves letting creators place a particular brand’s products or services links on a YouTube video (via annotations). Here is how it works: you use an affiliate marketplace or program like Clickbank or Amazon Associate to recommend particular products or services through your videos.

The videos can range from product unboxing/review to best of videos to how-to clips. Stats show that 62 percent of consumers take time to watch a review before deciding whether or not to purchase a product.  

When people click on your affiliate links, they are directed to the brand’s main website. If they go ahead and purchase the products from the seller, you receive a percentage of the profit or commission from each sale you generate. So an affiliate link is a way for a merchant to track your link.

Creating affiliate links is the easy half. The other half involves convincing people to click on the links. This complete guide will show you how to do both. 

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per View?

How much do YouTubers make per view

 The total amount of money you can make from being a YouTube affiliate depends on the traffic and the product or service you are promoting. Different brands have different commission rates. Your conversion rate is what will determine how much you earn.

So to answer your question ‘how much do YouTubers make per view’ here is the breakdown: the average amount for a million views is $3,000-10,000. That translates to $3-10 for 1,000 views and 0.3 cents-1 cent per view. The figure can be lower or higher in some cases.

The number of YouTube channels earning $100k+ increases by 40 percent every year. Daniel Middleton was the highest-paid YouTuber in 2017 after raking in a whopping $16.5 million.

Steps to start earning from your YouTube videos and affiliate links:

How much do YouTubers make per view

1. Choose A Product and an Affiliate Program

Before you even think of how to make money online with YouTube affiliate marketing, you should first consider a product to promote. The merchant can be a big company or a single individual.

The product should be both related to a niche market that your audience is searching for and profitable. There is no need to put your blood, sweat, and tears into promoting a product for some pocket change.

Find a profitable niche and devote yourself to it. Some of the profitable niches you should consider can include money, fashion, fitness, and health. If bodybuilding is your thing, start a vlog on that.

Currently, there are hundreds of individual affiliate programs and marketplaces. Even fortune 500 companies like Apple and Amazon have affiliate programs.

If you intend to promote a tangible product, the Amazon Associate program is a good start as the retail giant has virtually every product you can think of, from a matchbox to a rocket.

Run the numbers (commissions, conversions and reversal rates) before you settle on one affiliate.

There are different types of Affiliate Programs to choose from:

One tier – you receive a commission when someone buys a product using your affiliate link.

Two-tier – you receive a commission when you refer fellow affiliates, and they begin making sales.

Recurring commissions – you receive commissions from subscription services.

Climbing tiers – you receive more commissions as sales from your affiliate link increase.

Pay per lead – you receive a commission according to the number of leads you send a company.

Sitewide commissions – you receive a commission regardless of what your audience purchases on the affiliate website.

It helps to establish affiliate relationships with brands and companies you already love. Ensure the recommended product is both high-quality and valuable to the viewer. Also, don’t focus on physical and digital goods only. Try services and e-courses.

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2. Create High-Quality Video Content About the Product

You don’t want to be like every YouTuber out there. There is no secret to getting a large number of viewers, quality and quantity speak for themselves.

You have to put in extra time and effort to create valuable video content that stands out and makes the affiliate conversions natural.

More viewers equal more money. The idea of earning from YouTube is exciting, but you need to build value before making any sales.

Focus on building a strong channel to entertain and influence your audiences to buy from the brands you promote. No one has time to watch a boring video.

In the world of YouTube, anything is fair game. It pays to be creative and to show enthusiasm. Pick a unique and exciting idea to make an awesome video that will interest your audience. Follow popular trends to be in the loop.

There are many software tools that will help you deliver the ultimate videos. If you’re a Mac user you can use iMovie to record and edit on your iPhone, iPad, or your Mac. If you prefer Windows, try Movie Maker to record your videos.

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3. Add an Affiliate Link to Your Video and Use the Affiliate Link Shortener

There is no limit to the type of products you can promote, but you need to be proactive if you want to be ahead of your competition.

If you opt to market Amazon products, you will need to create an affiliate link for the products. There is a lot that involves adding an affiliate link but let me break it down for you.

To add an affiliate link to your video, follow the following steps:

  • First sign in to your YouTube account and head to Video Manager.
  • Pick a video of your choice to add an affiliate link in the ‘Info and Settings’ tab.
  • Permit external links and add a card. You will notice the video playing automatically at your designated place.
  • Under the ‘Add Card” option you will see a ‘Link’ button, click on it. Go to the website you want to promote and copy the affiliate link to the specific product or service. 
  • Now add a link to ‘Link URL’ and click on the ‘Next’ button. Now it’s time to road test your video to check whether the affiliate link is working or not.
  • Complete the details of the card title, teaser text, and call to action.
  • When you finish, click on ‘Create Card.’ Congrats! You have successfully added an affiliate link to your YouTube video content!

A link shortener is very helpful. Usually, affiliate links on video descriptions are long, spammy, complicated and boring which can be a bummer for your audience. Shortening makes the affiliate links easier and simpler for potential buyers to click on.

Amazon affiliate programs provide a link shortener that will help you get started. Other link shortener services include VTO.io and bit.ly.

You can try them if the affiliate program you are participating in lack a link shortener. To avoid affiliate penalties, avoid overusing affiliate links in your post and don’t make a habit of listing affiliate products first. Google is watching!

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4. Upgrade Your Website to Embed and Promote Your YouTube Videos

To get approval from high-paying affiliate programs, you may be required you to have a live website. Amazon affiliate program, for instance, won’t allow you to register for their program with just your YouTube channel.

And it doesn’t stop there, to be eligible for an affiliate program, your site needs to be enlightening and relevant to the products or services you want to promote.  

Thanks to Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal, and thousands of plugins and themes, it is now easier than ever to build an authoritative website from scratch without spending a fortune. Don’t post a video and wait for the right people to find it by chance.

You can leverage organic search or use social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.) to optimize and promote your videos. Be sure to post often during the initial phase to keep your audience engaged.

Sharing your video on your personal Facebook profile to be seen by your grandma and your cat may not be the best strategy. You can try writing a key-word heavy article on your website to accompany your video.

The comments section is another place you can explore. Here, you can interact with viewers to improve rankings. Always remember to write an affiliate disclaimer and a call to action asking your audience to click on it.

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Videos are the future. It will probably take you a couple of months or years to build a sustainable income from YouTube affiliate marketing. View it as a long-term investment; start small and work your way up gradually. Sign up to profitable programs and try to be as genuine and purposeful as possible with your links. 

I hope this extensive guide has answered your questions like how much do YouTubers make per view and how to earn money online with YouTube affiliate marketing. Remember to be successful; you need to practice patience and consistency.

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