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How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards (13 Ways)

When you look at the price of things for iTunes songs, movies or apps, you will see how quickly things add up. Figuring out how to get free iTunes gift cards can save a lot of money.

this is how to get free itunes gift cards

Most songs are at least $1.00. When you calculate the total of adding just a few songs per month, it is a lot of money per year. Luckily that is where we come in; we have come up with 13 ways for you to get free iTunes gift cards.

Some of these options are easier than others, but when it comes to free money, it’s hard to complain! 

How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

1. FeaturePoints

Have you ever thought about how a company tests out its apps? They pay people to download them and try them on their phones. If you are willing to do this, then FeaturePoints is an excellent option to consider. 

When you download apps to test them out, you get points. The points can be redeemed for iTunes gift cards or even Paypal. As will all of these points earning services, you will have options for bonus points by getting your friends and family involved. 

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to take surveys and earn points. Many websites offer this service, yet they struggle to actually pay for surveys or use them to help you. Luckily Survey Junkie tends to be a legitimate option that will pay you points for surveys that you complete. 

Sign up for a few surveys a day and earn yourself quite a few points. Some survey sights have really limited options when it comes to choosing your gift cards. With Survey Junkie, the choices are fantastic. Of course, iTunes gift cards are among the top choices. 

3. Drop

Drop is an exciting app that does not require you to do much to earn your rewards. If you are a person who does quite a bit of shopping, you will enjoy the Drop app’s benefits. Simply download this app onto your phone, and it will help you earn points for any of the shopping that you do. 

When you link your cards through Drop, you get points each time you shop. The points are redeemable for all sorts of gift cards; for music and movie lovers, the iTunes gift cards will be the best choice. 

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that has been gaining quite a bit of popularity in the last few years. If you grocery shop for a family, this is an app that you need. After you finish grocery shopping, simply scan the Ibotta app, and you will get cashback. 

Ibotta even gives you a bonus for signing up and getting your account started. This is a legitimate company that will pay out on the receipts precisely as they advertise that they will. When you choose your cash out, you simply will pick the iTunes gift card. It’s just nice to be able to shop as you normally do, but earn rewards and prizes for it. 

5. MyPoints

It is normal to be concerned about how honest and legitimate some of these rewards websites are. However, MyPoints has been in the business for more than 20 years. With MyPoints, you can earn rewards in a variety of ways. Some options include reading emails, shopping online, or watching videos. If you complete enough tasks, you get your free iTunes gift cards. 

6. Ipsos i-Say

The i-Say website is all about letting companies have your feedback. Big brands and even small companies want to know what people have to say about their products and their customer service. If you are willing to share how you feel and what you think, you can earn some free iTunes gift cards. 

In addition to sharing your opinion, there are lots of contests that you can get yourself involved in. This website is easy to use and always pays out. 

7. Pocket flip

Pocket Flip is a nicely designed and easy-to-use website that will allow you to complete tasks to earn points and money. The points you earn from completing simple tasks like surveys and reviews will help you earn points towards your free iTunes gift cards. These free gift cards can accumulate quickly depending on how much time you spend on the Pocket Flip website. 

8. PrizeRebel

Always be careful when you signup for these rewards-type websites when they ask for money just to sign up. With all of the free options out there, it doesn’t really make much sense to pay for a service you are trying to earn money. 

Luckily Prize Rebel is entirely free, and it gives you points for signing up for offers or answering some questions about a product. The PrizeRebel website offers several different options to redeem your points, but one is an iTunes gift card. 

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the big names in this survey and review type website. They are well known for giving prizes away and letting you earn lots of extra rewards for involving family and friends. 

Swagbucks is one of those websites that you should check out regardless of if you need free iTunes gift cards. This website is being used to help people create some great side income. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes less on social media and a few minutes more on Swagbucks each day. 

10. QuickThoughts

Do your friends always go to you for an opinion about the latest place to eat or the best products? Then, you should use QuickThoughts to earn some free iTunes gift cards. With QuickThoughts, you share your opinion of a product, and you get points that can be used on a variety of gift cards. 

QuickThoughts also pays you to stop in some local stores and take pictures. You will find some different avenues for earning your free iTunes. 

11. InstaGC

InstaGC is a speedy way to earn your free iTunes Gift Cards. As soon as you complete your activities to earn points, you will get a gift card emailed right to you. This is a nice feature for those in a hurry to get their free iTunes gift card. Overall the website is easy to work with as well. 

12. Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll Online surveys are an excellent option for those that want to do the occasional survey. Some people have a lot of luck getting a large group of surveys that they can fill out.

Others will find that there are not that many polls and surveys tailored towards their needs. Everything depends on the demographics and the need that Harris has for people that fit in that demographic. 

13. Honey

Last but not least is Honey. This app helps you earn and save money on products that you are purchasing. If you do a lot of shopping or are about to make a larger purchase, the Honey website is one that is certainly worth checking out. We are impressed with all the ways to earn money using Honey. 


Hopefully, you feel inspired to go out and get yourself some free iTunes cards. With all of these options out there, it really makes no sense not to try and earn some free money. Some of these apps and websites require nothing more than a sign-up process.

Once you are signed up, you will immediately start earning without even taking surveys or leaving reviews for products. If you have a bit of extra time to invest in the surveys and ratings, you will earn even more money. The bottom line is that there are lots of options to earn free iTunes gift cards. 

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