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How To Become An Amazon Reviewer

So, you want to learn how to become an Amazon reviewer? Maybe your ultimate goal is to become one of Amazon’s top reviewers. As a product tester for Amazon, you’ll help other buyers make informed decisions about the products they want to purchase.

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Amazon top reviewers receive free products through the Amazon Vine Voice program. Once accepted, you’ll receive free products for writing product reviews on Amazon. To become a reviewer who gets free stuff takes a bit of effort.

However, with a little guidance and commitment, you could potentially reap huge rewards with your reviews. Here are tips for becoming an Amazon reviewer who gets free or discounted products.

How To Become An Amazon Reviewer

If you’re ready to start trading your honest thoughts about a product for free stuff, here is what I recommend.

1. Create A Profile On Amazon

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for an Amazon account and create a profile. Your profile provides merchants with a way to learn more about you and make contact with you.

Think of your profile as an advertisement for yourself. Use the following guidelines to promote yourself and your ability to write reviews.

  • Make sure your profile is filled out completely, including a picture, tell a little about yourself, and if you have a website or YouTube channel be sure to include a link.
  • Provide an email address where merchants can reach you.

2. Stick to One Category

Amazon looks at your interest in specific product categories. If you want to be viewed as an expert reviewer, it’s better to stick to one product category.

Evidence suggests that you have a better shot at becoming one of Amazon’s top reviewers if you stick to a single category.

3. Write Reviews For Things You’ve Already Bought

If you already have an Amazon account and have made purchases, you can click this link to start reviewing your Amazon purchases. Reviewing past purchases confirms that you’re a verified buyer and creates a portfolio of reviews for merchants to see.

To confirm your status as a professional reviewer you want to make sure your reviews meet the following criteria.

  • Your review is well written with no spelling or grammatical errors. Try Grammarly, a free browser extension, to make sure that everything you write is error-free.
  • Include high-quality pictures and videos if possible of the item you are reviewing.
  • Make your review as in-depth and as helpful as possible.
  • Explain why you liked or disliked the product.
  • Compare to similar merchandise and share how long you’ve used the product.
  • Identify specific attributes (for example style and fit of clothing) and whether it met your expectations.
  • Don’t describe your seller or shipping experience that has nothing to do with the product itself.
  • If you’re not sure what to write about, think about the questions you’d ask if you were looking at an item on Amazon.

The more reviews you have in your history, the more times people indicate that your review was helpful, the more likely you are going to be approached by merchants to do free product testing. 

If you want merchants to offer you free merchandise to review then, you need to strive to get into Amazon’s top 10,000 reviewers. If you have ever written a review on Amazon, then you have a ranking. Your ranking can be found in your profile.

4. Check the Number of Reviews A Product Already Has

The chances of someone reading your review are slim if a product already has a large number of reviews. Take your time and look for items that have few or no reviews, which will increase your chance of being noticed. 

Remember, your Amazon reviewer ranking only improves when you get “Helpful Votes” from the people reading your review.

5. Pay Attention To Release Dates

A lot of companies release new products on Amazon at least two weeks before they are available for purchase. To increase your chances of getting a helpful vote, post reviews as quickly as possible.

6. Download the Amazon App

The Amazon app comes with a barcode scanner that lets you look up products that you already own.

If you can find a product that you already own, even if you didn’t purchase it from Amazon, you can still write a review.

7. Find More Products To Review On Amazon Review Sites

One of the easiest ways to find products to review is to visit one of the Amazon review websites. You can find free or discounted products for review on several different sites.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular sites:

  • Cashbackbase is a website that features discounted Amazon products. Users choose the product they want to buy and purchase them on Amazon. Each product is available in a limited quantity. You buy the product on Amazon and submit your order details to Cashbackbase, and they refund your money.
  • Vipon offers deals and coupons for 50% off or more on Amazon products. Sign up with your email address to get started.
  • Snagshout makes it easy to snag a deal -sign up, verify your email, confirm your phone number, then link and verify your Amazon account.

8. Become An Influencer

If you want to take your job as a product reviewer on Amazon to the next level, you need to become an influencer. It will be easier to get free products for review if you have a social media following.

Be sure to link your social media accounts to your Amazon profile. A blog or YouTube channel is the most effective way to influence followers.

Your Amazon profile will be more desirable to merchants when you have thousands of followers- making it easier to get free stuff.

The following sites help connect influencers with merchants to get free products for reviews:

Tomoson gives free stuff for product description


Tomoson offers a variety of products, and the majority of them are free. According to their website, the following is how influencers are approved to work with brands:  

“When a Brand creates a campaign, they set prerequisites for what kind of influencer they are looking for. The parameters could be anything—from the amount of Twitter followers, Google Analytics unique users, or niche the blog is in. If an influencer meets the criteria, they will be preapproved. For the final step in the approval process, the Brand manually approves the influencers they wish to work with.”

become a product tester with Brandbacker


Brandbacker gives you the opportunity to work with brands in beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle. Currently, over 30,000 influencers receive opportunities for free samples and paid posts.

Octoly needs a product tester


Octoly connects you with your favorite beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. To get started simply request a product you love and create an authentic review on Instagram or YouTube.

9. Get Free Products To Review From These Sites

Websites that offer you free or discounted products in exchange for a review can be one of the easiest ways to get started as an Amazon reviewer and start receiving benefits from day one.


It’s easy to get free products from stores with Cashbackbase. Simply sign up for their program, select a product, wait for approval, shop and get cash back!


With this service, you can upload your Amazon profile and a few other details that will be entered into the database. Potential sellers have an opportunity to give you freebies in exchange for reviews.

10. Don’t Pay For Shipping

One thing to keep in mind is that shipping isn’t covered when you receive a free product to review. You can get free shipping on products over 35 dollars, or you can get Amazon Prime for free shipping on all prime eligible products.

Spending the extra money for Prime membership is worth it if you intend to get a lot of free products to review. Don’t forget, Amazon Prime offers a free 30 day trial period to get you started.

Final Thoughts On How To Become An Amazon Reviewer

To become a successful product tester for Amazon you have to produce consistent, well-written reviews. To stand out from the sea of other reviewers make sure you offer a clear, unbiased opinion. 

You need to create a history of quality reviews with high-resolution pictures or videos. Remember, to be invited to the Amazon Vine program you need Amazon customers to judge your review as helpful. 

The Vine program does not allow vendors to modify, edit, or delete a review. You need to be honest and helpful in the way you write about a product.

It will take a little time to establish a reputation, but it’s worth it. To improve your ranking on Amazon make sure you have more “Helpful Votes” than reviews.

Writing too many reviews before you get any “Helpful Votes,” will actually make it harder for you to improve your ranking.

Your reputation means everything as a reviewer, so you want to be as authentic as possible. If you give a great review for a crappy product, you could lose your credibility as a reviewer.

People are counting on you to guide them in their decision to make a purchase. 

The Amazon review system is based on quality content that is well-written with high-quality pictures. Consistently producing a quality review will help you rise to the top of Amazon’s top reviewer’s list. 

Review consistently, and soon you will be a reviewer that gets stuff for free!

how to become a reviewer for Amazon and get free stuff


  1. Thanks so much Cara for all of the awesome advise on how to become a reviewer and influencer. I’m so glad that I came across your article, I didn’t even know anything about the vine program. I’m actually just starting my journey trying to become an Amazon reviewer. I got started with people from the Philippines asking me to review their products. So far it’s going well but I would like to learn a lot more about it and take it to the top. I find stuff like this extremely interesting, and heck who doesn’t need free products when you’re a single mom with a daughter that’s a sophomore at University of Kentucky LOL. Once again thanks so much for your article and sharing your knowledge. If you have any other tips or pointers for me I would love to hear them. Have a blessed, healthy, and happy upcoming holiday !!

    1. Thanks, Hollie; I’m glad that you are doing so well with your journey to becoming an Amazon Reviewer. I will be sure to share any additional tips that I come across. You have a happy and blessed day too.

  2. Such an informative content about amazon review writing. I am inspired by reading this article i will try my best to be a good reviewer.

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  4. Great info. I’ve been buying from Amazon forever. And I review just about everything I buy. Good or bad. I wish I’d have known the ranking method before.

    I really appreciate all the information you provide. Thanks so much.

  5. Thank you for the tips, Cara. I figured I used Amazon enough, I might as well get paid to leave some reviews haha Following your tips has helped us to make and save enough money to have a hardwood floor resurfacing service come out to fix up our flooring. That’s all thanks to you! I can’t wait to see what else you have to offer.

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