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I was too, which is why I created my freezer meal plans. You can make 20 dinners from 10 recipes in just 3 hours for only $175!

That’s less than what you’d spend on take-out or delivery each month.

And your family will love the home-cooked meals you’ll be serving them.

Plus, they’ll be eating healthy, wholesome food – without you having to spend hours in the kitchen every night.

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freezer meal plans



Feeling overwhelmed with dinner? Meal planning is the solution!

You can save over 50% on your grocery bill by assembling 20 meals in advance and freezing them.

It only takes 3 hours, and you’ll have all the instructions you need right at your fingertips.

Imagine coming home from a long workday and knowing that a delicious meal is waiting for you in the slow cooker.

No more hassle, no more stress – just good food nourishing your body and soul.

Purchase our Freezer Meal Planner to start your path to easy, affordable dinners!

Worried About What’s for Dinner? Tired of Costly Grocery Bills?

The Meal Planner is here to help! With easy, hands-free meal assembly, you can have 20 delicious dinners ready in under three hours – and for a fraction of the price of eating out. Simply follow the provided shopping list and assembly instructions, then store your meals in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Best of all, there’s no dinner stress – just peace of mind knowing that you have delicious, healthy meals at the ready. With this Meal Plan, you’ll be able to:

  • Save over 50% off your weekly grocery bill
  • Avoid the stress caused by dinner
  • Prepare 20 dinners for under $175
  • Assemble all of the meals in under 3 hours
  • Follow the easy step-by-step instructions
  • Use the provided shopping list
  • Enjoy peace of mind!

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This is a great deal – grab all 10 recipes for only $9.97!

These meal plans are digital downloads. Once your purchase is confirmed, you’ll get an email with the delivery of your recipes!

Meal Planning Crock Pot

“Before I found your meal plans, I spent hours every week scrolling through Pinterest, trying to find healthy and affordable recipes. But no matter how hard I tried, it always seemed like we were either eating the same boring dishes or blowing our budget on ingredients we rarely used.

That’s when a friend recommended your meal plans. And boy, am I glad she did! Not only are your recipes delicious and varied, but they’ve also saved me so much money. I spent a fortune on groceries, and now we can save about $600 per month.

Plus, you provide all the shopping lists and prep instructions ahead of time, so I don’t have to waste any time in the kitchen. Thank you for making my life so much easier!”


Meal Planning Crock Pot


  • Save over 50% off your weekly grocery bill
  • Assemble 20 Dinners for under $175!
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions
  • Shopping List and Cooking Instructions
  • Assemble all meals in under 3 hours and store in the freezer

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I want to help you stop dinner stress!

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Freezer Meal plans for the slow cooker


  • Turkey and Beef Meatballs
  • Garden Turkey Meatloaf
  • Mediterranean Pork Penne
  • Bowtie Pasta with Chicken
  • Creole Dinner
  • Turkey Tetrazzini
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Hawaiian Chicken
  • Empanapita
  • Baked Pork Chops


A meal planner can help you save time and money by making it easy to plan and prepare meals. It can also help you to stick to a budget, as you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend on groceries each week. Here are some frequently asked questions about meal planners:

In each meal plan, you get:

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to assemble all 20 meals.
  • Detailed shopping list for ingredients.
  • Each recipe has two sets of instructions – the first instructions are the full recipe instructions, so you can use this as a normal cookbook.
  • The second set of instructions details how to cook the meal if you had done the meal plan and are starting with a prepared freezer bag.
  • Several pages to help with the prep and make it easier than ever!
  • Full-page pictures AND full-page instructions.

At this time, the MEAL PLANS are only available in digital format. However, you can print copies of the meal plans.

If you’re trying to save money on groceries and stop the dinner stress, YES.

The longer answer is this: My Freezer Meal Plans are for anyone who is sick and tired of spending hundreds on groceries and eating out every week and wants to save $500 per month on food purchases so they can either pay down debt or get on a better financial path. 

It’s for anyone who has been scared to meal plan, budget and cook at home.

My Freezer Cooking Meal Plans are designed to take the mystery out of meal planning.

And so, whether you’re a busy mom, a working woman, or even a single dad, these Freezer cooking plans will provide detailed instruction, support, and resources to help you stop the dinner stress and save you $500 every single month!

A Meal Plan Bundle email will be sent to you shortly after you purchase. Your login to the bundle will be delivered digitally via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

Please check your SPAM or promotions folder if you do not see it. Make sure you move that email into your Inbox to receive future emails from that email address.

I see this question often, and I guarantee that the resources I have provided for you in these meal plans will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the next six months!

The Meal Plan is a ONE-TIME CHARGE of $9.97.

There are no return policies on digital meal plans.

All of my meal plans are intended for the person that purchased the meal plans. There is a Copywrite notice on the pages, so you cannot duplicate the meal plans and send them to people who have not purchased them directly.

All my meal plans easily adapt to gluten-free, paleo, and whole30.

Each meal serves an average family of four, but the meals can be adjusted to serve more or fewer people.

This is how easy it is to assemble the freezer meal plans!