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Posted on Jun 24, 2017 in Saving Money | 1 comment

How To Save Money On Lipstick

How To Save Money On Lipstick

Are you looking for a way to save money on lipstick or a career as an independent distributor? SeneGence offers both. 

Tim Martin and his wife Cheri are successful distributors. Tim wrote this post to share with you the money saving and money making opportunities associated with this liquid lip color.

SeneGence.  Chances are you’ve never heard of this company, but their makeup and skincare products are revolutionary.  

Launched in 1999, SeneGence started with only six shades in their LipSense line and had since expanded with a broad range of lip and skin care products made with only natural ingredients that work well with any skin type.  

The products that SeneGence develops often exceed customer expectations when it comes to cosmetics with a natural base.  
How to save money on lipstick.
In 2002, SeneGence launched The Make Sense Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that provides support to communities.

The Make Sense Foundation is committed to improving the lives of women and children during times of crisis, while at the same time donates generously to organizations that take care of people who are in dire need.  

LipSense, SeneGence’s flagship product is a long lasting (up to 18 hours) liquid lipstick that works.  With 36 different shades to choose from for 2017, there is a color for everyone.  

You are probably wondering exactly how this lipstick works?  


I’m no scientist, so here is a snippet from their website:

“The premier product for SeneGence®, LipSense is a patented, amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors. LipSense is versatile in that you can mix shades to create a number of effects.

The unique product is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off!
Does not dry out your lips – it works to restore the moisture content
Color lasts anywhere between 4 and 18 hours”

Now you’re probably asking, Does it work?

I can empathically say “YES,” it really does work!  How do I know?  Because my lovely wife wears LipSense and it truly is kiss proof, smudge proof, drink proof, eat proof, pool proof and any other kind of proof that you can imagine with your lips.  

SeneGence takes product formulations to a new level with their revolutionary lines of skincare and cosmetics, based on the SenePlex anti-aging complex of ingredients and the latest in technologies.

According to their website:

No Animal Testing (We test on us!)

No animal by-products (We use alternative sources)

Use of naturally occurring ingredients

All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients

Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility

Made in the United States for stringent quality control

Gluten and GMO-free (most products)

LipSense contains NO WAX & NO LEAD

Are Vegan and Kosher

SeneGence carries other makeup and skincare products, which I highly recommend that you check out.  

So….  You are probably asking, where can I get LipSense?


Well, you’re in luck, as my lovely wife not only wears it, but she is also one of the few distributors in this company.  

Cheri has a Facebook Group page, Color Me Pretty, where you can contact her, or you can email her directly at

Please visit her group page and feel free to ask her questions.  

Now, not being an expert on makeup, but LipSense can save you money in the long term.  How?  

That’s because each tube of LipSense lasts between four to six months, even if used every day!  How many tubes of lipstick would you go through in that time and at what cost?  

And, what’s more, there is a money making opportunity for you by becoming a SeneGence distributor!

Ask Cheri how you can become a distributor and make extra income for you and your family, or you can just be a wholesale customer for yourself and enjoy the savings.

Are you looking for other work at home opportunities? Click here.




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